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interactive kinect installation | 2011, 2012 | J. Henschel and M. Ecker

Multiple persons can act as clang objects in a room. The properties of a clang object (eg. tone color) are depending on the position of the object in the room. Clang objects are visual (floor projection) and acoustically (loudspeaker) perceivable. The interaction is based on the gestic input device Microsoft Kinect (R) and was developed by using open source libraries. This project presents the research potential in this topic and makes it perceiveable for the user.

Julian Henschel and Martin Ecker developed this project iterative in a course of the media university in Stuttgart.



press play an please wait some seconds, its a bigger video (10 MB)...


Tag der Forschung, Stuttgart, 22.06.2011
MediaNight, Stuttgart, 30.07.2011
Jubiläumsfeier: 10 Jahre Hochschule der Medien, Stuttgart, 23.11.2011
Mensch und Computer 2012, Konstanz, 10.09.2012
-> YouAreClang supports simple hand gestures
-> published paper in MuC conference book



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concept | 2011 | A. Fokina, K. Meischel, M. Schmidt, M. Ecker

Students should it be allowed to cook easy, healthy and cheap together. The ingredients for cooking should be from regional and ecological growing. Cooking and eating togehter should be an social event where students get to know each other better.
We developed a concept in only 2 months to make this dream come to true!
The project was part of an idea contest (DINI - Studentische Netzwerke: kreativ – mobil – kooperativ). Only seven concepts from over sixty concepts were nominated. The StudiEasyBioCooking concept was nominated and presented in front of a jury.

This little video scenario shows how the concept could be work real. The video size is about 17 MB, please click one time and wait a bit ...


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get sensible .com

interactive billboard | 2010

The billboard is equipped with a infrared distance sensor and some rgb leds. If someone comes closer the words get and .com start slowly to glow. The word sensible is shining in different colors controlled by an generative algorithm.


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A little shoegame

interactive shoe gaming | 2010

A little shoe game is designed for two players. The idea of the game is to control a curve on the screen. The goal is not to touch your own curve, the other player's curve or the borders. A player stands on a controller plate which is equipped with pressure sensors for each foot. Every player moves the curve in the right or left direction by pressing the right or left foot. Depending on how much pressure the player performs the radius of the curve changes.

The game installation is using Arduino (microcontroller) and Processing.


photo soup curves stuff photo plakat box stuff

For more details have a look at Arduino Workspace

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photo project | 2010

Are all things that have lost its purpose garbage? Back to the top

Heavy Days

interactive data visualization | 2010

How many food are eating two students in one week? Heavy Days will visualize it using RFID technology and concrete as material to show it!
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gaming in flash | 2010

Fly a studicopter, earn ECTS points and fight against the time. That's sometime real but a little game helps to think positive! fly studicopter

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fire exhibition poster

poster design

poster design for a public exhibition about fire. Back to the top

wild sounds

poster by hand

visualization of the lettering "achtung wilde töne" Back to the top

interaction design


Design of an icon family which should be used in an interface for a semantic hifi device (groupwork). Back to the top

wordless potatoes


How to peel a potatoe as left-handed person? Back to the top


by hand

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